CAT 3406E Straight pipe sound

This mod is CAT 3406E with straight pipe sound for SCS and modded trucks

Latest Version Feauture:

-CAT 3406E 475-625HP and 800HP Tuned engines with straight pipe sound

-Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off and distortion effect

-Custom sound orientation for realistic sound from different angle

-Custom exhaust distortion for realistic exhaust tone depends on distance and throttle pressed

-Special variable exhaust tones

-Included idle jake brake system

-Included Customizable Additional Supported Trucks (CAST) in the mod

If you don't know what CAST is :

Quick tutorial on how to use CAST

1. Goto def/vehicle/truck/

2. Rename one of zcustom_xx into truck def name you want

and you should good to go

How to use idle jake brake:

1. hold light horn button (J button) for 1 second, then release

2. tap light horn button once again, and idle jake brake should be engaged

3. Repeat the same process to turn off

Note: idle jake brake is not compatible with the mods that have interior switches sound

(sound fixes pack is exceptional but put my mod on top piority)

Slav Jerry Verified Creator
MIT License
Initial Release
Current Version
1.43 1.44 1.45
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