English and Native City Names

This mod fixes city and country names in additional map mods and adds native names.

The mod features and fixes:

  1. Makes the cities available in English and their local language 
  2. City names containing underscores and dashes
  3. City names containing numbers 
  4. All capitals city names
  5. Uncapitalized city names 
  6. Typos 
  7. Misposition of country labels

It now also features localised city names in 9 different Languages

  1. Bulgarian - Български
  2. Czech - čeština
  3. Mandarin Chinese - 中国人
  4. German - Deutsch
  5. English - English
  6. Japanese - 日本語
  7. Macedonian - Македонски
  8. Polish - Polski
  9. Russian - Русский

From the go this mod will only display the cities in English, but to enable the secondary - native names you need to change the setting for it. 

Watch the video attached 

Step by step - how to enable 

  1. Load the mod above all map mods, but bellow everything else in the mod manager.
  2. Continue to your save.
  3. When loaded go to "Options".
  4. After being presented with 6 options select "Gameplay".
  5. Scroll down to "REGIONAL SETTINGS".
  6. Enable "Localized city and country names".
  7. Enable "Show secondary names in map".

Maps supported:

  • Romania Extended
  • Southern Region
  • The Great Steppe
  • Med Expansion
  • AZGE
  • Project Balkans
  • Afro Map
  • Project Caucasus
  • Rhodes
  • Volga Map
  • Viva Malta
  • Ireland Map
  • Road to Aral
  • Promods (Irish names)
  • Sibir Map
  • HouseInItaly - Camponocecchio
  • Kirov Map
  • Lviv Addon
  • Kosovo Addon (Albanian and Cyrillic)
  • Santiago

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Nedelino, Bulgaria

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