Road to Athens Reborn

Fixed version of Road to Athens by KW203, big thanks to him for connecting this map to the rest of ProMods Greece and making this mod possible and letting me upload it!

ProMods & West Balkans DLC Merge is required for this map to work! Place this mod right over it in the load order!

This package expands ProMods Greece and connects it to ProMods & West Balkans DLC Merge.

Visit everything in Greece, from Drama to Athens as well as Crete island!

Also major edits, patches and bug fixes which include:

-added a lot more sea alongside roads

-added one more tourist town

-added a greek language localization 

-adjusted ferry connections

-better looking connections with the rest of ProMods Greece

-fixed position on the map for couple of roads

-fixed city names and position on the map for all Greek cities

-fixed license plates and applied appropriate city codes for each city

-fixed and added more traffic signs

-fixed most of the visual bugs

-fixed navigation recache issue

-refreshed terrains and roads

-imported some of the West Balkans DLC assets & models

Please keep in mind that this is an old map and there are still things waiting to be fixed! I reccomend using some graphics mod to make the map look a lot better!

With Greece DLC on the way, do not expect this map to get many updates!

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