Correct Kazakhstan TImezones (PM Great Steppe, Road to Aral, Road to Asia)

The mod edits the def/country/kazakhstan.sui file to add regional Kazakhstan timezones in their correct locations, for areas covered by PM Great Steppe (Kostanay, Aqtobe, Mangystau, West Kazakstan and Atyrau), Road to Aral (Qyzylorda) and Road to Asia (Jambyl). It also makes them all UTC+5, as since March 1st 2024 Kazakhstan has moved to UTC+5 for the whole country.

The regional timezones are ALMT (Kostanay and Jambyl), AQTT (Aqtobe and Mangystau), ORAT (West Kazakstan), ATYT (Atyrau) and QYZT (Qyzylorda).

Place above any other map mod (or any other mod that contains the def/country/kazakhstan.sui file).

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