Grand Utopia Map by MyGodness

Grand Utopia is a fictional island inspired of France 🇫🇷 I want to give to virtual truckers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 a new driving experience. I want you to be astonished by the different scenaries along the roads and also to feel like if you were driving into real places. In that project, I only use SCS Software's base items. The only exception is for some prefabs, from Custom Company mod, created by Kirrou.The project is still in progress.You may face some mapping mistakes, some bugs, but I do my best to correct them between each updates. The best way to report a bug to me is to use the contact forms on the website (

Detailed progress monitoring of the project on Trello : Grand Utopia Trello

🔰 I'm a 28 (30 now xD) years old guy from France and I like to do creative stuff. I discovered the ETS2 editor a few years ago. Grand Utopia is my first serious map project and represents now about 4 000 hours of mapping. I hope I could create more maps in the future ! In fact, I'm thinking about splitting up so I can have more time in a day I also want you to know that some few parts of the map are created by Adri, an other french mapper. For now, he made Castelnoir, La Palmyre, Sainte-Agnès and Gravouland. Thank you Adri for your work. Finally, I also thank every people who helps me creating that map.

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Enjoy the map, and don't forget to have fun !

🔰 THE MAP WON'T WORK IF YOU DON'T OWN THESE DLCs DLC Going East ! DLC Scandinavia DLC Vive la France ! DLC Italia DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea (from 1.4) DLC Road to the Black Sea (from 1.8) DLC Iberia (from 1.11)

🔰 Here are some video tutorials about how to install the map for a first time use : ENGLISH FRENCH SPANISH To update your game when I published an update, simply replace the old grandutopia.scs file with the new one in your mod folder.

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Creation Date 2021-06-25
Current Version 1.13
Game Versions Supported 1.43
Last Update 2021-12-31
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