Please read the entire publication, to avoid asking silly questions

For any question, such as:

Q: How do I install the map?

A: An explanatory video is available : https://youtu.be/Bc5PFF-ZKK4

Once you have downloaded the map, you will have a . 7z, open this file and inside you will have a .scs, which you will have to extract in your mod folder.

There are addons for this version, there's 1 addon :

  •  fsg-addons-v1-3.5 : Does not work with Ficfic realism!, increase of traffic on the map,

weather change (it has been brought back to full scale, sound improvements...)

Other files of the previous version of the addon need to be delete! (Traffic & weather)

Q: Why when I start my game, I have the Europe map and not the Alsace map?

A: Because you did not select "fsg. mbd"; instead of "Europe"; when you created your game.

Q: Why is my game crashing, at the beginning of my game, or while I'm driving?

A: The map has been tested WITHOUT mod, so cannot guarantee optional operation. Disable your mods, just keeping the map.

Q : Why the map is 'incompatible' in my mods gestionnary ?

A : All map dlc's are required for running the map.


Here is a list of compatible mods, with the map:

  • Naturalux (graphic mod)
  • Sound fix pack (sound pack)
  • All traffic packs (Jazzycat..)
  • Mods that increase traffic density.

Not all mods have been tested, these are the main ones.

Load Order

In the 1.3.3 version, we changed the way to load the map. There is now 4 files to activate instead of 1. There is the mod loader for the map : 

  1. FSG Map Def
  2. FSG Map
  3. FSG Map Prefab
  4. FSG Map Assets

For any bug found, send us a picture of the bug, as a message on the Facebook page, on our Facebook group or on our Discord.

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