RSH Mack R Rigid Addon by RSH Modding

Hey everyone,

This is my Rigid Addon for Harven's Mack R mod. At the moment its only added a tanker body, however im planning to add morebodys and options in the future. The mod also includes a "trailerless cargo" trailer setup for tanker loads.

To paint the body you will have to manually go into \vehicle\truck\upgrade\body\mack.rhpl\tanker\ and reskin it. Im hoping to fix this in the future so it can all be skinned directly through programs like ModsStudio 2.

Load order will be:
- RSH Mack R Rigid Addon
- SWR Tankers
- Mack R by Harven

To get the tankers you will need to contact SWR Customs

You can find the body template here and Harvens Mack R from the steam workshop here

To stay up to date with all upcoming releases and projects of mine please head to RSH Modding, you can also find all my mods on my Link Tree

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License All Rights Reserved
Creation Date 2021-07-19
Current Version 1
Game Versions Supported 1.41, 1.40
Last Update 2021-07-19
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