Central Freight Lines #W30 Fruehauf Trailer

Central Freight Lines #W30 Fruehauf Trailer by Southland Mods\ E. Daigle

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All it took was a Model T Ford to get W.W. Callan started in the trucking business. His first run was from Waco to Dallas, Tx.

This humble beginning started Central Freight Lines, which got its official start two years later in 1927. By 1928, attempts were made to haul freight from Waco down to Houston, Tx, but between bad roads and bad weather canceled that idea. Determination persisted and by the early 1930s, Central had terminals in five major Texas cities, by 1933, the attempt to get into Houston was finally successful. Throughout the rest of the 30s, the company continued to prosper. Then in 1942, Callan went off to war. Upon his return though, he found the company he started, was in bad shape. However, once he took back control, he got the company profitable again. By the 1950s, the fleet totaled 174 tractors and 345 trailers. Then in 1951, ten model 522 bullnose KWs were purchased. By the mid 60s, Central had a terminal in Dallas that was considered at the time, to be the worlds largest, with a terminal warehouse that had 525 doors to load trailers at. By the early 80s, Curry Motor Freight and Perry Freight lines became part of Central. All throughout Centrals long history, it remained a Texas interstate carrier. By the late 80s, Central had over 7000 pieces of equipment over 4500 employees, and 79 terminals. In Nov. of 1992, Roadway and Central reached an agreement for Central to be purchased by Roadway.


  • You will need the following Trailer, 1975 Fruehauf by HFG


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