Realistic Physics

Please refer to the latest image of slider positioning!!!

(Please note that with some wheel setups, this may be a bit too sensitive, and the sliders should be moved 10 positions right. This can be done by fully sliding the marker left, hovering the mouse over the marker you wish to move, and tapping the right arrow on your keyboard 10 times)

Fine tuned ALL aspects of how everything feels.

  • Added specific suspension "tuning" to ALL scs trucks as well as several modded trucks.
  • weakened brakes, turn grip and slightly increased forward grip
  • made engine rotational mass heavier
  • made cab and wheels heavier.
  • Decreased turning radius

Overhaul of the physics to make for a much more realistic experience. No more F1 engine rev's or the impression of a lightened flywheel. Rev's take time to build, and time to settle. No more hit the brakes and stop on a dime. This is a 80k+ pound vehicle, not a smart car. Cornering to closer to the real thing, so you CAN roll over even on a straight road if you swerve too aggressively. Tire's will slip on wet or dirt roads with heavy loads and only 1 axle powered going up hill. How much depends on what kind of wheels, what kind of surface and how many powered axles there are. Truck will also lean around corners, but not so much as to look unrealistic. Driver's seat has been adjusted to "feel" more like an air seat, not a park bench. Wind resistance has been adjusted so getting to 80 mph+ will take some power, and the lowest HP trucks with a load will struggle to hold 55 mph. I am always improving this mod, and open to ideas from real world truckers on how I can fine tune this to make it even better.


For the steering wheel itself, how "twitchy" you want it is purely up to you, but I try to emulate a truck by turning sensitivity within the steering wheel control panel (I use the Logitech G920) to about 10%, and have the ingame settings at full right for sensitivity, and full left for non-linearity.

I find that this give the truck a "sluggish" feel without being too excessive. Although if you're used to it being set "race car" style, it will certainly take some getting used to.

NEW FOR 1.42+

If you find that your steering is sloppy at highway speeds there is a fix for that which I have detailed on my discord server

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