Washington Winter Lake Cabin (A-Frame)

Winter Lake Cabin

now you can experience this offgrid retreat in northern Washington during winter

This is the Winter version of my mod - Lake Cabin (A-Frame), a map edit that adds an offgrid lake cabin in northern Washington that functions as a purchasable garage where you can store trucks and trailers.

This one changes my custom assets to a snowy version, to use with a winter/snow mod like 'Frosty Winter' by GRIMESMODS.

Lake Cabin (normal version)

If you want the regular version of this Cabin, just head to https://truckymods.io/american-truck-simulator/maps/lake-cabin-a-frame

Load Order

Place this mod above any other map mods that edit the same area in northern Washington, otherwise the cabin won't show up ingame.

Don't use both versions of my cabin at the same.

If you're using Promods, refer to the PM winter cabin https://truckymods.io/american-truck-simulator/maps/washington-winter-lake-cabin-a-frame-promods-version

Huge thanks to Masons Mod Shop for the amazing work on the cabin interior overhaul.

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