Island Map

Island Map uses custom assets and custom junction designs to enhance the tropical Hawaiian atmosphere.  

V.0.2.0 Changelog (for ATS 1.42):

  • New Cities (3):
    • - Captain Cook
    • - Kailua-Kona
    • - Ocean View
  • Reworked signage & older areas
  • Added DOWL's Pacific & North America background map as a dependency
    • Removed map data def to fix game crashes in older versions.

DOWL'S Pacific & North America Background Map Highly Recommended 

In order to zoom outside of the continental US in the in-game UI Map, you need to install this. Without it, you will not be able to see Hawaii in the UI map. 

Download Here 

Team Reforma's Mega Resources Asset Package is required to use this map.

If using Reforma Map, you do not have to install the Mega Resources Asset Package. 

Method 1: Using Island Map WITHOUT Reforma map mod only: Download 'Mega Resources x.x.x' under 'optional downloads' on Reforma's website. 

Method 2: Using Island Map WITH Reforma map mod: Just use Reforma x.x.x. Do not install Mega Resources. It's already embedded in Reforma's mod. Downloading Mega Resources and using it in conjunction with Reforma may cause issues as it would load duplicate assets.

Link to Reforma's Website:   Click Here 

Load Order:

Method 1

  1. DOWL's Pacific & North America Background Map
  2. Island Map x.x.x
  3. Mega Resources

Method 2

  1. DOWL's Pacific & North America Background Map
  2. Island Map x.x.x
  3. Reforma x.x.x
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