0xferd's Engine and Transmission edit pack

Hello there this is a mod I've been working on for quite some time, it has only been available on "SCS Forums" and my "Google Drive" but finally I have decided to upload it to Trucky for the first time! I am usually constantly working on my mod so please expect updates to come.

What this mod does is that it simply adds custom edits of engines and transmissions.

And not only that I also have this feature called "Crossover Patch" or from what I like to call it in my own terms, basically what this does is that all engines from Kriechbaum, Zee and others are supported to other trucks that they normally don't support.

I also supply my own transmissions with 3.90 and 4.00 rears to other trucks.

Transmissions are 13/18 spd transmissions with retarder and without retarder.

No sounds are included in my own mod, only def edits were made, so you will need the following mods that I linked down below.

The SCS Forum page for my mod is located here.


Kriechbaum's engine megapack v4.2 or higher


Fury6's E-F RTLO-xx913/18 Gearboxes + Diffs



I have listed some extra mods that I have only included in my pack as edited specs, and crossover patches.

All of the mods I am linking down below only act as a sound source for my megapack.

Without them the engines may or may not work as intended or might just work but not have sound due to that my crossover patches supporting other trucks will have .sui files listed meaning the engine will work but won't have sound, hence the reason why it is required if you want to use these optional engines.

Anyways here are optional links:

Zee's Cummins N14 (Steam workshop)


Zee's Caterpillar 3406 (Steam workshop)


SlavJerry's Caterpillar C12 engine sound pack

CAT C12 Straight pipe sound for American Truck Simulator - TruckyMods


To install my mod just simply browse to your "documents" folder, go to the folder named "American Truck Simulator" then open the "mod" folder, however if one isn't present just create a new mod folder call it "mod" all lowercase, must be spelt properly.


0xferd - for making this possible.

SCS - for the original transmission specs.

Kriechbaum - for his main engine megapack v4.2+ and for the .sui files .sii files etc...

Fury6 - for his main transmission pack that had 9-13-&-18 edition (only .sii file for the transmission ratios)

Zee - only for both of his .sui file for the Cummins N14 and Cat 3406E (didn't use any of his .sii files)

SlavJerry - only C12 .sii files and .sui files for expansion and for the crossover patch for other trucks, not all but some.

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