Military Paintjobs by Chiky Chuky

The thing is, my friends and I started playing private convoy using Jazzycat Military Cargo Pack.

At some point, I felt something was off, something was missing. So this mod was exactly what

we needed.

This package includes 32 skins based on military camos, collected from different sources on

vector images sites.

- All SCS trucks compatible.

- All SCS Trailers compatible.

- Krone DLC supported.

- Schwarzmüller DLC supported.

- Feldbinder DLC supported.

- Wielton DLC supported.

- Tirsan DLC supported.

Mod trucks supported:

- Freightliner Argosy

- Freightliner FLB

- Ford F-Max

- Kenworth K-100 (Requires a fix posted in the comments section)

- Mack R-Series

- Man F-2000 Evo By XBS Mods {LINK REMOVED}

- RJL Scania G, R, R 4-series & Streamline

- RJL Scania T & T 4-series

- Sisu R & C-series

- Next Generation Scania P G R S Pack

- Scania NG Tcab SCS Base by Azorax {LINK REMOVED}

- Volkswagen Meteor

- All Modshop Trucks {LINK REMOVED}

- American trucks by Soap Modding {LINK REMOVED} (All the american trucks by SCS are supported by the way, if you can get them elsewhere...)

- Scania 1 Series by Antonio62 {LINK REMOVED}

- Scania 143m by Ekualizer (Unofficial Update) {LINK REMOVED}

- Volvo F10 F12 F16 Update by soap98 v1.46-1.47 {LINK REMOVED}

- Volvo FH 2020 by KP TruckDesign Rework {LINK REMOVED}

- Volvo FH 2022 By Sanax

- Mercedes-Benz New Actros by Dotec

- DAF 2021 by Jasper {LINK REMOVED}

- Roman Diesel by MADster (outdated but google is your friend) {LINK REMOVED}

- Ural 4320 {LINK REMOVED}

- Edison L Series {LINK REMOVED} (it's an amercian truck but, it also works on ETS2, hopefully the creator makes an official port to ETS2...)

- Freightliner Classic XL (BSA public) 3.2.148 {LINK REMOVED} (it's an american truck. It works on ETS2 but beware the accessories you choose or you may crash your game)

- Man TGX E6 by Gloover


- MB AeroDynamic Trailer by AM

- Ekeri Trailers by Kast

- Ekeri Trailers Revision by Kast

- Kögel Cargo Trailers by Dotec

Do not modify.

If you're going to share the mod, please keep the original link.


Chiky Chuky Verified Creator
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This Euro Truck Simulator 2 add-on was created by Chiky Chuky and shared in Truck Paint Jobs for Euro Truck Simulator 2.