FSG Paint-jobs addon by Farmers

FSG's Paint-jobs addon 1.1r, Compatible version: 1.44 

 Changelog: Added Metzger, Dumper for Hemmerlin and minor fixes. Quick jobs was removed and will be rebuild for the next version. 


-Trucks Paint-jobs:

   -DAF XF 105: Achatz(x2), Hemmerlin(x2), Klinzing,Metzger(x2),Portmann(x2), SITS, T.R.A. ;

   -DAF XF Euro 6: Achatz, Hemmerlin, SITS ;

   -Iveco Stralis classique: Hemmerlin(x3), Klinzing, Portmann ;

 -Iveco Stralis Hi-WAY: Hemmerlin, Portmann ;

   -Man TGX Euro 5: Hemmerlin(x2), T.R.A. ;

   -Man TGX Euro 6: Hemmerlin, Klinzing, T.R.A. ;

 -Mercedes-Bez Actros MP4: Hemmerlin, Portmann;

   -Renault Magnum: Hemmerlin, Klinzing (x2), T.R.A. ;

   -Renault Premium: Hemmerlin,Klinzing ; 

   -Renault T: Hemmerlin(x2), Klinzing ;

   -Scania R 2009 SCS: Achatz,Hemmerlin(x2),Klinzing, Metzger (x2),Portmann (x2), SITS ;

   -Scania Streamline: Achatz,Hemmerlin(x2) Klinzing, Metzger (x2), Portmann (x2), SITS ;

   -Scania R RJL (Mod): Achatz,Hemmerlin(x2) Klinzing,Metzger (x2), Portmann (x2), SITS ;

   -Scania R 2016: Hemmerlin, Klinzing, Metzger, Portmann ;

   -Volvo FH 2009: Achatz ( cab sleeper), Hemmerlin, Metzger ;

   -Volvo FH 2012: Hemmerlin, Klinzing, T.R.A. Portmann ;

-Owned Trailers Paint-jobs:

   -Curtainsider : Achatz (x2), Hemmerlin(x2), Klinzing, T.R.A.(x4) ,Portmann, SITS ;

   -Other SCS boxes: Hemmerlin (x2) T.R.A.(x3), Portmann, SITS ;

   -Krone Curtainsider: Hemmerlin (x2) ;

   -Tank: Achatz, Klinzing (x2).

 -Dumper: Hemmerlin

-Trailers paintjobs for freight market and ai trailers:

   -SCS Curtainsider: Achatz (x2), Hemmerlin (x2) Klinzing, T.R.A. (x3), Portmann, SITS.

-AI trucks paint-jobs: 

   -DAF XF 105: Achatz, Klinzing, T.R.A., Portmann (x2),Metzger;

   -DAF XF Euro 6: Achatz, SITS ;

  Iveco Stralis Hi-WAY : Hemmerlin, Portmann ;

   -Renault Premium: Hemmerlin, Klinzing;

   -Scania R 2009: Achatz, Hemmerlin (x2), Klinzing, Portmann (x2) SITS, Metzger;

 -Scania S 2016: Metzger

   -Volvo FH 2012: Hemmerlin, Klinzing, T.R.A., Portmann ;

Other paintjobs will be added in futures versions.

Credits: FSG Team.

Author Farmers Verified Creator Follow
License GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
Creation Date 2021-06-04
Current Version 1.1r
Game Versions Supported 1.44
Last Update 2022-05-15
Downloads 623
Farmers - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden.
This Euro Truck Simulator 2 add-on was created by Farmers and shared in Truck Paint Jobs for Euro Truck Simulator 2.