RPM - Rheinland & Pfalz 1:1 Map

RPM - Rheinland & Pfalz 1:1 Map

The region itself is located in southwest of Germany. The scale of the map is 1:1 so 1km reallife is 1km to drive in the map. It contains full new created features like a unique Police Control, pedestrians crossings, real traffic lights and many more!

In SCS-Scale the size of the map is around 2.000km

And plenty of new features to discover.

Main Features:

  • 1:1 recreation of southwest Germany
  • Realistic challenging and winding logging trails
  • Realistic Companies with real hard parking spots as told us by real and regional truck drivers.
  • Realistic 1:1 Time scale
  • Added more traffic vehicles like city bus.
  • Pedestrians cross road at "zebra cross"
  • Lots of secret roads to discover
  • Real Touristic bus routes
  • And many other unique new features to discover


Before start installing:

1) Buffer Page Size

STEP 1: Go to Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open the config.cfg file

STEP 2: Find the line where "uset r_buffer_page_size" is located

STEP 3: Change the value of "uset r_buffer_page_size" from "10" to "50"

STEP 4: Save and close the file

The map requires a new profile !

How to create new RPM game profile

STEP 1: Start a new profile

STEP 2: Select all 8/9 mods in the correct load order ( as presented in the following section)

STEP 3: Select rpm.mbd as map module

STEP 4: Start playing :)


If You have problems with setting up our map correctly, found bugs , you want to have the latest news about the map or want to participate in the team -

The contact us best via discord.


Performance issues might appear, depending on your system. If You have a rather normal / Standard

gaming pc, we advice not to use high poly truck and trailer mods and maybe deactivate them, if you have issues.

IT is Illegal to share the mod on other websites. All rights reserved to RPM-Modding.


Server and Project Manager: Filip Winter Lets Play

Deputy: Luchs

Head of Map Progress and Development: PfalzMapper

Mapper: PfalzMapper, Jerre, JulianOxford, Righteous (Stan), Timovalentino, Jakiś Bartuś, Homley_Gamer, HamburgerLauch, locke21, Jason, Qule

Traffic: DBCreations, kampf_keks

3D Artists: Feliweigi, Harald N., Leonardo, Teksit, Nico, AmperreBeep, HamburgerLauch, blaquichan, Homley_Gamer,

ArcticJu aka Julian, Cal aka Patshy, Sebastian7870, kampf_keks, locke21

Skinner: TheSkiller, JulianOxford, HamburgerLauch, fleyschwurst, Homley_Gamer, Engelchen, kampf_keks, locke21

2D Designer: Winter LetsPlay aka Filip, TheSkiller, JulianOxford

Litle helpers: AndreaR (hud-messages), Renato (asset importing), Nicko (fixing prefab bug), steinmetz_omi (police-van), Toni

Other Credits: Etrusan(help with Bus), Todor Alin(crossing walkers), fld (prefab pack), DC ( prefab base for PS-intersection), BlueTruckModels, Mauzi.3dx + MTS Fahrzeugbau

Script: Luchs aka Tim

Sound-Design: deformthetrain

Special Definitions: kampf_keks

Setra Bus HDH (special thanks): The Bus responsibility with all Rights of the Model and Sounds belong to Team Oyuncuyus Bis. Many thanks for this cooperation !

We only are thankful to adapt the definitions by kampf_keks.

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