NIR (Northern Ireland Rebuilding) Map

Latest Version : 0.60

ETS2 Version Compatibility : 1.48.5 & 1.49.x

This is a new rebuilding map from existing ProMods map, spesifically for Northern Ireland (part of United Kingdom) but there's possibility that this map will reach Rep.Ireland in the south too. 

NIR Map Coverage so far :

New Content (Beta 0.60) : 

  1. Compatibility update with ETS2 1.48.5 & ProMods 2.67 map
  2. New discovered city : Ballymena (Pennybridge Industrial Estate)
  3. New road A26 from Dunsilly roundabout (Antrim) to Ballymena
  4. New road A36 from Shaneshill roundabout (road A8 Larne) to Ballymena & its very scenic hills
  5. Rebuilt existing A6 road : Glenshane Rd (from Casteldawson roundabout to Dungiven) & its very scenic hills
  6. Rebuilt existing A6 road : New expressway from Dungiven to Lismacarol roundabout (Londonderry/Derry)
  7. Some old map objects/models and company (from original SCS assets) been replaced & Fixed several errors

Previous Content (Beta 0.50)

  1. New discovered city : Antrim
  2. New place / scenery town : Templepatrick
  3. New scenery place : Belfast International Airport, Antrim
  4. New scenery place : Nutts Corner + its roundabout
  5. New road A26 from Moira junction to roundabout A26/A57 around Muckamore, Antrim
  6. New road A57 from Templepatrick to Belfast International Airport
  7. Rebuilt existing M2-M22-A6 expressway from Templepatrick to Castledawson
  8. Rebuilt a short piece of existing A31 road (Magherafelt Bypass) from Castledawson roundabout

Previous Content (Beta 0.40) :

  1. New Ferry Access : Warrenpoint Port
  2. New extended road (A2) from Newry to Warrenpoint
  3. (Bonus!) Rebuilt Wexford, Rep. Ireland
  4. (Bonus!) New scenery town : Enniscorthy, Rep. Ireland
  5. (Bonus!) Rebuilt Rosslare Harbour + its ferry port, Rep. Ireland.\
  6. (Bonus!) Rebuilt existing N11 & N25 roads From Enniscorthy to Wexford, Rep. Ireland
  7. (Bonus!) New road section of N25 from Wexford toward west

Previous Content (Beta 0.30) : 

  1. Rebuilt Lisburn : Sprucefield Area
  2. New additional places around Lisburn : Lagan (residential area), Lissue & Knockmore (industrial area) 
  3. New junction M1/A3/A26 west of Lisburn
  4. New Applegreen service (gas) station on motorway M1 between Lisburn and Belfast
  5. New discovered city : Newry (Carnbane Industrial Estate)
  6. Rebuilt whole expressway A1 from Lisburn - Newry to UK/IE border

Previous Content (Beta 0.20) : 

  1. Rebuilt City of Belfast + some iconic landmarks and view point of interests
  2. Rebuilt Port of Belfast & replaced ferry access to Douglas (IoM)
  3. Rebuilt existing M2 motorway, A12 road, and M1 Motorway to junction M1/A55 (southern Belfast)
  4. New road A55 (few meters only) + Boucher Rd leading to new Tesco Depot (replaced the supermarket in original PM version)
  5. New junction/roundabout M1/A55 for future map release (leading to Newtownards or Bangor)

Previous Content (Beta 0.10 - Initial release) : 

  1.  Rebuilt Port of Larne
  2.  New expressway A8 from Larne to Newtownabbey
  3.  New place : Mallusk Industrial Estate
  4.  New road A6 dan A57 + Templepatrick roundabout
  5.  New big junction M2 / A57 near Ballymartin
  6.  Rebuilt M5 Motorway & A2 road (existing ProMods road) from Belfast to Larne
  7.  New place / scenery town : Carrickfergus

Known bugs/missing from this map :

  1. Navigation signs (templates) in some places
  2. Some map objects appear (pop up) too sudden : due to attempt with map optimisation in order to avoid any game stuttering

Notes :

  2. THIS MOD REQUIRES ALL MAP DLC's (except West Balkans)
  3. This NIR Map is not compatible with "Derry to Larne" Map. Simply because of overwritten map sectors between both maps (affected place : Larne - sec-0015-0011 & sec-0016-0011))
  4. Someone said that NIR Map is not compatible with another "Ireland Map" made by "someone else". Though both maps have completely different map sectors, but the high possibility that has more problems is from that another "Ireland Map" (not from NIR one). It is just because that map itself is completely outdated and not compatible with recent ProMods map since Dublin and surrounding has been major reworked.
  5. For question about Northern Ireland "Country DEF data" which using separate data instead United Kingdom, you should "ask to ProMods" because I never edit nor modify their country data. Thank you for understanding.

Mod Load Order (Put this NIR map just above all ProMods package) :

  • Background Map
  • (..all other mods..)
  •  - nir_pm-addon_beta.scs
  • ProMods Definition package
  • ProMods Map Package
  • ProMods Media Package
  • ProMods Models Package 3
  • ProMods Models Package 2
  • ProMods Models Package 1
  • ProMods Assets Package
  • (..all other mods..)
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