Improved Volvo VNL 2018+

Embark on a journey of enhanced realism and aesthetic perfection with our Volvo VNL 2018+ Enhancement Mod for American Truck Simulator. Designed to address common issues and elevate your driving experience, this mod introduces comprehensive improvements to chrome textures, interior lighting, paint job accuracy, and even adds Volvo VNL to traffic, a feature overlooked by SCS Software. Your Volvo VNL will stand out on the road like never before, turning heads and adding to the realism of the virtual highways.

Revamped Chrome Textures:

Say goodbye to lackluster chrome textures and hello to brilliance on wheels! Our mod breathes new life into the Volvo VNL's chrome elements, from the sleek grille to the gleaming exhaust pipes. Each detail is meticulously crafted to reflect light realistically, adding a touch of sophistication to your truck's appearance. With our enhancements, your Volvo VNL will shine brighter than ever before, turning heads wherever you roam.

Added Interior Lights:

Step into the cabin and bask in the warm glow of enhanced interior lighting. No more fumbling in the dark during nighttime hauls or struggling to find your way around the cabin. Our mod strategically places interior lights to illuminate every corner, ensuring that you can easily navigate and enjoy the comforts of your Volvo VNL. Whether you're checking your map, adjusting cabin settings, or simply admiring the interior, our added lights enhance visibility and ambiance for a more immersive driving experience.

Fixes Paint Job Issues:

Bid farewell to paint job inconsistencies and embrace perfection with our mod's fixes. We've meticulously addressed paint job issues, ensuring that colors appear true to their real-life counterparts and that designs are accurately replicated across the Volvo VNL's exterior. Whether you're sporting a classic solid color or a custom design, our fixes guarantee that your truck looks as stunning as you envisioned, allowing you to showcase your style with pride on the open road.

Integration into Traffic:

Experience a more realistic road environment with our mod's integration of Volvo VNL into traffic. While previously overlooked by SCS Software, our mod ensures that the Volvo VNL seamlessly blends into the flow of other vehicles, enhancing the immersion of your driving experience. Whether you're cruising down the highway or navigating through city streets, encountering Volvo VNL trucks in traffic adds an extra layer of authenticity to your journeys.

Do whatever you want with this mod for non-profit but please credit me and my work in it.

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