Farsel's Cab Cats

This mod allows you to travel the highways with a feline companion. Cats are fully animated to the limits the game allows. One 60 second loop, with three different animations depending on where the cat is placed.

Six fur patterns

  • Ginger (Modeled after my own cat)
  • Tuxedo
  • Tabby
  • All white
  • All black
  • White with black spots

Five attachement locations

  • Dashboard
  • Passenger seat
  • Bed
  • Sofa
  • Table

Additional Items

  • Litter box
  • Cat bed
  • Loose collar, placeable and hanging
  • Toy mouse, placeable and hanging

Special Thanks

My eternal gratitude to the /r/trucksim Discord server and the helpful people in the modding channels without whom I probably would have given up after banging my head against the brick wall that is the ATS mod system.


  • Due to the vast array of dash designs in each truck, the dash cats may not perfectly fit in all cases. 
  • If you want me to add a truck to this mod, you need to get me the /def/vehicle/truck/<make.model> name of the truck you want to support. I do not own a copy of every possible ATS truck mod myself.
  • This mod contains commercially licensed assets. Please do not redistribute or combine with other "Mega Mods"


1.0 - Initial Release

Farsel Verified Creator
All Rights Reserved
Initial Release
Current Version
1.46 1.47
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Farsel - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden.
This American Truck Simulator add-on was created by Farsel and shared in Interior accessories for American Truck Simulator.