Maps for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Iberia Rebuild
Iberia Rebuild by Moreira
This Mod consists in expanding the map of Iberia, also remaking some areas that already exist in the same DLC.

151,832 4.8

Grand Utopia Map
Grand Utopia Map by MyGodness
Grand Utopia is a fictional standalone map project, in a 1:1 scale.

91,682 4.8

Maghreb Map 0.3.3 Beta
Maghreb Map 0.3.3 Beta by MSG
Hello everyone. Welcome to Maghreb-Map, Your gate to Africa

39,093 4.8

JRR (Java Road Revolution) - Indonesia Map [Type A - Default Version]
JRR (Java Road Revolution) - Indonesia Map [Type A - Default Version] by Septian_MR
One of the best realistic expansion map of Indonesia, from the Metropolitan city of Jakarta to every side of the Java island & beyond in the future

34,112 4.5

Project E6
Project E6 by Joes
This is Project E6 A map located in the north of Scandinavia.

25,664 4.9

Bourges Updated v1.0.1 (map addon)
Bourges Updated v1.0.1 (map addon) by Adyox [FR]
Bourges Updated is an add-on for the base map and Promods that modifies Bourges (F).

24,398 4.6

NIR (Northern Ireland Rebuilding) Map
NIR (Northern Ireland Rebuilding) Map by Septian_MR
A ProMods addon map, containing new rebuilt map of Northern Ireland from existing original PM map

21,539 5.0

Worlds Combined Background Map
Worlds Combined Background Map by Melphiz
Combines ProMods/DOWL and BenganJ based backgrounds into one, for less misalignment - and colors the map in a similar state as default Google Maps.

19,765 4.4

[OBSOLETE] BG+ (Bulgaria+) v1.0 (1.46)
[OBSOLETE] BG+ (Bulgaria+) v1.0 (1.46) by OMNI
Bulgaria+ aims to enhance and improve Bulgaria

18,390 4.6

El Enclaves Promods Addon 1.48  0.41
El Enclaves Promods Addon 1.48 0.41 by Ciezarowkarz :)
El Enclaves Map + Balearic 0.4 is Addon For Promods! Promods Required and All Map Mod DLC's.

17,385 4.9

FSG Map by Farmers
A standalone map which recreate France Switzerland & Germany at 1:1 scale.

15,931 4.6

Bulgaria in Focus
Bulgaria in Focus by emhogg
Bulgaria in Focus is a map mod that aims to expand Southern and eventually all of Bulgaria.

14,073 4.2

Horn of Africa
Horn of Africa by Kiko
Horn of Africa is a map which includes Somalia with plans to expand in Somaliland and Kenya in the future

13,842 5.0

Norwich Rework V2.0 FINAL
Norwich Rework V2.0 FINAL by HammyTheTrucker
This is a little Rework For a place in England called Norwich!

13,317 4.0

Derry to Larne Road
Derry to Larne Road by Doparow
Derry to Larne Road