Maps for Euro Truck Simulator 2

FSG Map by oyer24
A standalone map which recreate France Switzerland & Germany at 1:1 scale.

20,350 4.7

[OBSOLETE] BG+ (Bulgaria+) v1.0 (1.46)
[OBSOLETE] BG+ (Bulgaria+) v1.0 (1.46) by OMNI
Bulgaria+ aims to enhance and improve Bulgaria

18,528 4.6

Portugal Rebuild
Portugal Rebuild by xVirus_37
This mod consists of recreating and improving Portugal.

17,554 5.0

Norwich Rework V2.0 FINAL
Norwich Rework V2.0 FINAL by HammyTheTrucker
This is a little Rework For a place in England called Norwich!

16,905 4.0

Peyrat-le-Château (map addon)
Peyrat-le-Château (map addon) by Adyox [FR]
Peyrat-le-ChâteauMap addonDescriptionPeyrat-le-Château is a small town which is located near Limoges, in France. In the base game, it is purely decora

16,558 4.2

Ukraine Expansion
Ukraine Expansion by Deidra
The Mod expands ProMods Ukraine and adds few new cities and roads

16,097 4.8

Projekt Česko
Projekt Česko by ItzHonzula
A completely new Czech trucking experience. Incompatible with ProMods.

15,927 4.6

Road To Aral Reborn
Road To Aral Reborn by BlazingCreeperx
A simple map of the Aral Desert

15,907 4.5

[1.49] FunTrucker_18s Project Caucasus
[1.49] FunTrucker_18s Project Caucasus by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Map Connecting AZGE to The Great Steppe

14,617 5.0

Derry to Larne Road
Derry to Larne Road by Doparow
Derry to Larne Road


Poland Rebuilding
Poland Rebuilding by Michaleczeq
PR is a map that completly rebuilds Poland on ProMods map. Besides new road network, it offers many new intresting cities, towns and villages.

11,552 5.0

Ireland Map (Promods Add-On Mod)
Ireland Map (Promods Add-On Mod) by Duckie
Ireland Map refreshes and expands Promods' Ireland.

9,618 3.3

Off the grid - Russia
Off the grid - Russia by Kiko
Explore the untamed beauty of Siberian outback roads or so called - off the grid with my map!

9,358 3.7

Heart of Africa
Heart of Africa by Ciezarowkarz :)
New Country : Gambia! 0.1v 1.49 Explore West and Central Africa regions, Gambia, Liberia and more in 1.0! Planned 1.0 date: late-mid 2024

9,305 4.7

JRR (Java Road Revolution) - Indonesia Map [Type B - ProMods BG Version]
JRR (Java Road Revolution) - Indonesia Map [Type B - ProMods BG Version] by Septian_MR
One of the best realistic expansion map of Indonesia, the Metropolitan city of Jakarta and surrounding. (Note: Only use this for PM Afroeurasia BG)

7,989 4.7