Maps for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Rungis extension for Europe Map
Rungis extension for Europe Map by Georges93
This mod allows you to add the part of Rungis (from the Île-de-France map) to the basic Europe map!

6,376 4.3

Hotfix_for_North_Map v1.1.3
Hotfix_for_North_Map v1.1.3 by Gabriel5996
This mod is a fix version for the North-Map from the SCS-Forum by Zaregon

5,936 5.0

Heart of Africa
Heart of Africa by Ciezarowkarz :)
New Country : Gambia! 0.1v 1.49 Explore West and Central Africa regions, Gambia, Liberia and more in 1.0! Planned 1.0 date: late-mid 2024

5,554 5.0

Belt Of The Tundra
Belt Of The Tundra by Boberowsky
Explore the eastern siberian roads made by Slavmaps

4,900 3.1

Bulgaria Reworked [1.46]
Bulgaria Reworked [1.46] by BulStudios
Rework of Bulgaria. New Signs, New Roads, New Cities and much more


Northern Cyprus Addon
Northern Cyprus Addon by SaltySeeds06
This mod adds Northern Cyprus to Promods.

3,844 5.0

Viva Malta
Viva Malta by CaptainCat5444
A ProMods Addon which adds Malta to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

3,778 3.2

OTGR English city names
OTGR English city names by Kiko
English city names for Off the Grid - Russia

3,709 5.0

This map adds new road from Pskov to Luga which was taken from HoR map dlc. Compatible with Promods. Only Beyond the Baltic sea dlc is required.

3,614 3.5

(outdated) Kirov Map-SibirMap Road Connection (Yaransk to Kazan)
(outdated) Kirov Map-SibirMap Road Connection (Yaransk to Kazan) by endozv
Simple low effort Road between Yaransk and Kazan

3,585 4.8

Île-de-France (Paris Suburbs) Map 1:1
Île-de-France (Paris Suburbs) Map 1:1 by Georges93
Île-de-France map or Paris suburbs map is inspired by the Île-de-France region (Paris region). The map is standalone and the size is approximately 1:1

3,549 5.0

Emden ProMods Addon
Emden ProMods Addon by BlazingCreeperx
Adds the coastal city of Emden to Germany, near Groningen


Jan Mayen Promods Addon
Jan Mayen Promods Addon by Digital X
Jan Mayen is a small addon for Promods, a volcanic island in the Arctic Sea.

2,370 5.0

Russian Open Spaces - Kirov Map Road Connection
Russian Open Spaces - Kirov Map Road Connection by Boberowsky
Russian Open Spaces Kirov Map RC

2,209 4.0