Other for Euro Truck Simulator 2

SibirMap Timezone Fix
SibirMap Timezone Fix by Rafaelkai
Fixes time zone issues created by conflicts between SibirMap and other map mods.

15,311 4.5

Zoom Crash Fix
Zoom Crash Fix by DOWL
Fix for crash when zooming with large map mods.

13,629 5.0

English - Google Maps Voice (UK)
English - Google Maps Voice (UK) by KoolHoven
Google Maps GPS Voice Mod

3,430 4.0

1:1 Time Scale Europe
1:1 Time Scale Europe by OtherGuy
1 minute = 1 minute! A dependency for fake standalone maps.

2,980 5.0

Revamped Dynamic Suspension V6.4.3.3 [1.49]
Revamped Dynamic Suspension V6.4.3.3 [1.49] by TheTiger
This modification brings improvements in suspension, seat, brake, clutch and trailer. Includes numerous changes which are extremely crucial.

2,298 5.0

Bridge from Portugal and UK to Brazil and France (Map EAA)
Bridge from Portugal and UK to Brazil and France (Map EAA) by kratos jakub
Adds a fictional bridge between Brazil - Portugal and the UK. Tested: 1.46 EAA map version 6.1 and higher + DLC IBERIA

1,903 5.0

Little Mirrors For ETS2
Little Mirrors For ETS2 by Greenlightracer
Stop your F2 mirrors getting in your view, this mod puts them in the corners out of the way

1,373 5.0

Previous soundproofing ETS2
Previous soundproofing ETS2 by Drive Safely
This mod brings back a similar soundproofing from 1.42 for ETS2 default trucks affected by the 1.43 interior cabin sound update.


[ETS2] Realistic Light Effect [1.49]
[ETS2] Realistic Light Effect [1.49] by TheTiger
This modification makes the truck lights more realistic and brighter.


Marcopolo G7 Paradiso 1200 [SCANIA & MERCEDES]
Marcopolo G7 Paradiso 1200 [SCANIA & MERCEDES] by Bimo Wahyu Saputro
MARCOPOLO G7 1200 PARADISO| ETS2/ATS 1.47 VERSION.|-----------------------------------------------------------------||HISTORY|Marcopolo was founded on

1,080 4.0

DOWL's Universal Map Editor Background
DOWL's Universal Map Editor Background by DOWL
Large editor background with coverage of Afroeurasia.

812 5.0

GMC Logistics - ETS2 - Driver Name Plate
GMC Logistics - ETS2 - Driver Name Plate by GMC Logistics
Exclusive MOD for - GMC Logistics Community by Gringo's Games


krone_slot_mod 57
krone_slot_mod 57 by Zipi
Krone slot mod


Polish - Czesio Voice Navigation (PL)
Polish - Czesio Voice Navigation (PL) by kratos jakub
Modification that adds to the game Euro Truck Simulator v1.44 the voice of Czesia voice navigation from Włatcy Móch.

469 1.0