[REL]Schmitz S.CF 45' Euro by JUseeTV

With this mod you are able to transport containers throughout your game and enhance your game with a bit of realism. 


  • Length is adjustable with the f7 menu -> trailer configuration
  • Arnook's container mod is recommended/mandatory to use for the extra bit of realism: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=272574
  • Templates are inside of the mod

Sharing of the mod is only allowed with the original link and credits. All models in here are intelectual property of their owner. The content in the mod may be only modified for personal use. Sharing edits is not allowed without permission.

Load order

LOAD ORDER (Top to bottom):

  1. Arnooks SCS Container Skinpack - VAK 45 addon (optional)*
  2. VAK Trailer Addon for the Schmitz S.CF*
  3. VAK Trailer files (trailer + VAK container V-Slider to Krone DLC addon by Kast)*
  4. Arnooks SCS Container Skinpack (Version 10.2 or higher)
  5. Schmitz S.CF container chassis

*These files are not mandatory to make the trailer work, they only provide an extra experience or are needed for the use on 1.42


Q: I don't have any cargo for the 45ft chassis.

A: Please download Arnook's container mod for it, the game doesn't contain this container itself.

Q: Where do I find the containers?

A: In the Freight market.

Q: My wheels are clipping when lifting the front axle

A: The trailer is designed to be used together with abastreppas' wheelpack.

Q: Is this trailer in AI or quick jobs?

A: No, it is also not planned to change that.

Q: Will be there more tuning/accessories in the future?

A: As my goal is to make this trailer as realistic as possible I will only add things that are also present on the real S.CF 45' Euro.

Q: When switching between the chassis in the VAK addon the chassis gets disorted.

A: I have not found a way to prevent that from happening, for time being please either use the Schmitz or SCS chassis on the VAK addon and don't constantly switch between them.


  • Modelling: JUseeTV
  • Images and reference material: Schmitz Cargobull AG, Sam
  • VAK Addon: Prutser
  • General help/beta testing: Arnook, daniminho, Mihkel, Dalen, TvKleunen, Csabee, dave303, kast
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