[DISCONTINUED] Dunder Mifflin Trailer Skin Pack v2.4 (1.41/1.42/1.43) by OMNI

This mod adds 3 editions (Blue, Beige, Noir) of skins of from the TV show to ownable SCS Dry Van, Insulated, Reefer and Sliding Tarp trailers. Also, you can find some more additional skins from some of the fictional companies in the TV show. These include:

  • Wernham Hogg (Small Logo)
  • Wernham Hogg (Big Logo)
  • Michael Scott Paper Company
  • Schrute Farms (Yellow Edition) [Box Only]
  • Vance Refrigeration
  • Schrute Farms (Burgundy Edition) [Box Only]
  • Sabre [Box Only]
  • The Dundies Original [Box only]
  • The Dundies Lemon [Box only]
Author OMNI Verified Creator Follow
License All Rights Reserved
Creation Date 2021-07-23
Current Version 2.4
Game Versions Supported 1.41, 1.42, 1.43
Last Update 2021-12-25
Downloads 298
OMNI - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden.
This American Truck Simulator add-on was created by OMNI and shared in Trailer Paint Jobs for American Truck Simulator.