Project E6
Project E6 by Joes
This is Project E6 A map located in the north of Scandinavia.

47,034 4.9

Hotfix_for_North_Map v1.1.3
Hotfix_for_North_Map v1.1.3 by Gabriel5996
This mod is a fix version for the North-Map from the SCS-Forum by Zaregon

6,073 5.0

Project E6 Hotfix + Road Connection
Project E6 Hotfix + Road Connection by Kiko
PE6 Hotfix + RC between Project E6 and Finnmark areas in ProMods

31,394 4.9

[1.49] Bengan's Swedish Islands Map
[1.49] Bengan's Swedish Islands Map by Jerry GMC Master Fixer
Revival of Bengan's Map (RIP Bengan)

31,674 4.7