Lee Way Motor Freight #12036 GMC Astro

Lee Way Motor Freight #12036 GMC Astro

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Long Gone LTL Carriers

Lee Way Motor Freight began it with nothing but a team of horses and a buggy that R.W. Lee bought in 1914. The purpose, to transport salemen across the country to call on their customers. After 20 years and several other businesses, in 1934, he bought the Amarillo Transfer and Storage, this was the small beginnings of the Lee Way Motor Freight Company. Their very first route was from Oklahom City to Shamrock, Texas. Through the 40's, eight acquisitions were made. Expansion continued throughout the 50's and 60's with the purchase of 8 more trucking companies. By 1976 the company was sold to Pepsico and continued to operate into the 80's, but by 1983 Pepsico sold Lee Way to Commercial-Lovelack, a carrier only a third of the size of Lee Way. At this time, they were a coast to coast carrier. By the 2nd quarter of 1985, the entire company was shut down.

Paint Job based on an actual Lee Way Truck


  • You will need the following Truck, GMC Astro by Cory Watson
    • Truck is available on the Facebook Group.
    • To get it, you must contact Cory Watson in his Facebook Group


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