ProMods High Quality Extended Background Map by DOWL

High quality extended background map for use with any large ProMods based mod map combination.

  • High detail map using the SCS map projection and an aligned Lambert conformal conic (37°/65° parallels about 50°N 15°E).
  • Suitable for: ProMods, RusMap, RoEx, Southern Region, The Great Steppe, Road to Asia, Red Sea Map.
  • Compatible with large map combos - includes fix for crash when zoomed in.

Author DOWL Verified Creator Follow
License All Rights Reserved
Creation Date 2021-05-31
Current Version 1.5
Game Versions Supported 1.42
Last Update 2021-10-28
Downloads 1,583
DOWL - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden.
This Euro Truck Simulator 2 add-on was created by DOWL and shared in UI for Euro Truck Simulator 2.