High Resolution Company Skins by OfficialDOWL

The vanilla trailer skins have very small (1K) textures that look pixelated when viewed closely. Using AI upscaling this mod increases texture size to 4K for smooth and detailed textures, even when running the game at higher resolutions. Works for all 160+ trailer textures from all DLCs and all trailer types.

Tested on 1.40, no map DLC required.

View Full-res Before/After Comparison (Balteus Yachts)
View Full-res Before/After Comparison (APP)
View In-game Before/After Comparison

See the ATS edition of this mod

Author OfficialDOWL Verified Creator
License All Rights Reserved
Creation Date 2021-05-15
Current Version 1.1
Game Versions Supported 1.39, 1.40
Last Update 2021-10-15
Downloads 978
OfficialDOWL - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden.
This Euro Truck Simulator 2 add-on was created by OfficialDOWL and shared in Trailer Paint Jobs for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Report