C-D Highway [DISC] by OtherGuy

Calais-Duisburg Highway (CDHW) planned to replace C-D Road with a full motorway. The last version finishes a motorway from Duisburg (DE) to Someren (NL), and partially reworks Duisburg city.

This project has been unofficially discontinued since 2021, and was officially discontinued in 2022. This is for several reasons:

First, in late January 2022 I joined the TruckersMP Team as a mapper. While discussing (unrelated) changes to C-D road with other staff, I understood that it can be better for player enjoyment to avoid radical traffic management strategies (like this one) and instead focus on small safety improvements and better enforcement of traffic rules, especially due to the nature of players

Second, I have other things to do. Ushington, my fictional map for ATS, could have been very different to what it is if I had given it the full attention it deserves.

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License All Rights Reserved
Creation Date 2021-09-23
Current Version CDHW-0.3
Game Versions Supported 1.42, 1.41, 1.40, 1.43
Last Update 2022-06-05
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