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Montana Expansion 2.0 is released, download it. Click here.

Montana Expansion is a project I started over 2 years ago. Why did I start it? I was hauling a load from Nevada to Fargo I think it was, using Coast2Coast of course. As I was driving through Montana I thought, man Montana needs some love. Not wanting to be the guy who complains about the flat roads, or whatever else you typically get, I decided to try and learn how to map. And we started out on a mission to improve Montana for Coast2Coast.

Anyone who tried the map in the early days will tell you, it was bad, real bad. But through trial and error, and lots of hair pulling sessions, the map is starting to come around. I still have areas that I want to re-build, work that was done early on(Kalispell, Missoula) to name a couple of areas that I hope to re-build.

Now you may ask, well if the map was apart of Coast2Coast, why is it no longer apart of it? Short answer, I update a lot more frequently than C2C and got tired of messages asking me, when is Montana getting updated in C2C. So I decided to make it an addon, which makes it easier for myself and Mantrid. In my opinion anyway.  And as long as the proper load order is used there are no issues. 

I have been getting a lot questions, what are your plans after SCS release the Montana DLC? I will continue the project under the same name, and add roads and small cities that they do not. This has been my plan all along, as I knew nothing about mapping when I started, and my plan was to learn and build the map, and hopefully when Montana is released as a DLC, my mapping has improved enough, that when I add in content there is not a noticeable change between there areas and mine. 

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