CE Development Ontario Addition

Special addition for use ONLY with Dis-Ontario/Quebec!!!

My attend is to connect promods and dis-Ontario and also move north in undiscovered area's

Patreon is available for both maps

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REUPLOAD AT ANY OTHER SITE THERE WILL BE NO SUPPORT FOR ANY DOWNLOADS FROM FRAUD SITES SUCH AS ats.io or modland this map has assets and models special to the map an will not be distributed freely any violation to reuploading will be prosecuted

ALL DLC's are always required!!!

Canamania is merged with CE now and we are working on adding and reworking cities and roads.

This is from Homburg:

Let me explain Canamania/Canada Expansion. I was asked if CE could be merged with Canamania, I said I can't give permission as Canamania is not my mod (it belongs to ManiaX), if you want to consider it abandoned (which it looks like it is) then that is your business. So TGM have merged CE with Canamania and they reckon that Canamania is no longer required. This is partially true, but I will keep Canadream going until no one wants it any more.Ontario

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